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Deva Models

When it comes to finding the best model talent available from one of the hottest regions in the world, look no further than Deva Models. We are the biggest model agency in Ibiza. Deva Models was established 10 years ago, making it the reference when it comes to modeling talent. What makes us different from the rest, is our stability and our spirit of fun! We get the work done and we enjoy doing it.

As many people know, Ibiza is one of the most exciting holiday places in the world. Because of the amazing landscapes, you can get on the island it has become a great place for photo shoots. Because of this, a constant requirement for models is needed and we vowed to be the best and most reliable model agency. But then… we scaled it over and know we have more than 2500 models to choose. Whatever need you might have, we are sure you can find it in our catalog.

But we never want to be outdated so we are constantly scouting for new talent, so our roster is always expanding. But we know that finding the perfect model for every project in our database can be pretty daunting, that’s why our team always go one step forward.

We immerse in each project to guarantee that our clients get the talents that perfectly suit their needs. Since we want to give the best package possible… we are also always researching the new trends in the in every sector to give creative input. In this way, we increase the success chances of every campaign that we get involved.

We also have a database of models of both gender and all ages. If you need a female model for your campaign… we got it! You need male model… You can count on us! Even if you need underage models … we also have a large portfolio that you can use to get the exact type of model that you need.

Besides our large catalog of models, our best efforts to stay current in our sector to provide the best creative input to our clients we are located in one of the most beautiful places on the earth… Ibiza.

And you can take advantage of this amazing place. We know the zone pretty well and we can help you scout zones, and make local arrangements to make your session as flawless as possible.

So, overall we offer you the best package you can get:

A whole catalog of female, male, and underage models.

A complete knowledge of our catalog to provide the best suggestions for your project

Our vast knowledge about the trends of the sector to give you the best creative input possible.

The best support for your local projects where you can count on us to make your sessions as flawless as possible.

So, don’t waste time and money, call us and let’s give your project exactly what it needs.